Trims and moldings can make a big impact in any room. They add elegance and beauty. 

Yes, they can also increase the value of your home and sell it faster if your house it is on the market. In general, people are very attentive to details and if you want to impress your guests, custom trims are a good way. It's your house like a dream.

There are a wide variety of trims waiting for your personal touch. But don't forget to keep the style of your home when  planning your upgrade.

Trims and moldings installation are our specialty.

Also, have a extra attention with the exterior wood trims. They can wear and rot over the time and allow water to get underneath, causing big damages. 

Rotten wood trims are also our specialty.


We install and repair all types of trims ( Interior and Exterior)

  • Door and window trim
  • Rafter trim
  • Corner trim
  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards

See Some Types of Trims

Door Trim finishes the look of a new installed door or update the style of a older doorway.

Crown molding protects the upper part of the wall, where it meets the ceiling

Baseboard cover the bottom section of the wall.